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Music Lessons for Kids in Buffalo

Marcus Roper is a Jazz, Blues, Funk, and Classical Guitarist from NYC. Marcus has received his Bachelors in Music Education from Buffalo State College as well as his Masters in Music from SUNY Fredonia. He has been teaching guitar ever since he started playing & believes in teaching music first through ear and then through notation because we learn languages in the same way. He believes that all children should be at least exposed to different genres of music because you never know what will spark interest in a child. Curiosity is the greatest spark that a student can have because it makes the student ask questions, which leads to answers, which leads to knowledge. He has learned that the students that give him the hardest time are usually the students that he has the most impact on because he will stuck it out with them and has the patience to work through all of the trouble that they might have. Marcus is the perfect teacher for beginner students of any age as well as any student interested in learning Music Theory.

Marcus Roper- Guitar, Piano, Musiking‚Äč